‘Gutenberg WordPress Editor’ is becoming the default page builder

‘Gutenberg WordPress Editor’ is becoming the default page builder

If you’re reading this, it means you are like 92% of our clients: Your website is built using WordPress.

In the coming weeks, WordPress’ core version will be updated to 5.0

The main part of this update will be that Gutenberg WordPress Editor will replace the classic WordPress editor. Designed to integrate with WordPress core itself, this will be a major change in the way you edit posts and pages.

Gutenberg encourages you to customise your content using ‘Blocks’

Some of the most common blocks available are:

  • Audio
  • Gallery
  • Heading
  • Image
  • List
  • Paragraph
  • Quote
  • Video

Embedding content will also become easier, with options for (but not limited to)

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • SoundCloud
  • Spotify
  • Twitter
  • TED
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube

Here at Classic Lines, we envisage some of the ways in which people will benefit from this update to be:

  • Undo / Redo functions – These weren’t possible before, meaning people used to rely on ‘Revisions’ or (attempt to) go ‘Back in their browser.
  • A more accurate preview whilst editing – The back-end of a Post / Page will look a lot more like the Preview / Live link.
  • The ability to save and reuse blocks – Potentially saving you a lot of time.
  • Faster website: Better SEO – Gutenberg produces nice, clean HTML code compared to other site builders.

What’s more: Some of your favourite (and most-used) blocks can be accessed with time-saving shortcuts – as explained in this demonstration by Yoast:

Download this handy guide from the good people at iThemes Security, for more information about WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg WordPress Editor.

Contact Arran if you need some assistance with the latest Gutenberg update from WordPress. If you prefer not to use the new Gutenberg Editor at all, we can help you install the WordPress Classic Editor as a separate plugin.

Although it’s worth nothing:

The Classic Editor plugin will only receive support until 31st December 2021; so it’s worth getting to know Gutenberg as soon as possible.

Ecosia – The Search Engine donating 80% of its income to non-profits.

Ecosia – The Search Engine donating 80% of its income to non-profits.

Make sure your Social Media graphics give the best reflection of your brand

Make sure your Social Media graphics give the best reflection of your brand

So your business has invested in some nicely-branded vehicle graphics for your fleet, polo shirts for the workforce, and a flashing sign for the office…

Hopefully all this branding carries a consistent message and shows your company in its best light. One mistake businesses often make, is not carrying these high standards through their Social Media profiles.

Whether you use:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

…or any combination of the above:

Make sure you are not using low-resolution, out of proportion images for your social media profiles. This includes your profile images and cover photos. It’s also worth noting that Social Networks constantly update their guidelines; so what may have looked crisp and shiny last year, may look squashed and pixelated now.

Not only should your logo be in line with your brand, but your typography, colour palette, even the written (and visual) language of your posts should be consistent. Check out these fantastic Twitter header examples for inspiration.

Take a look at the Twitter graphics we designed for Business Partnership; or speak to Classic Lines Design about designing your Social Media graphics.

‘Official’ GDPR figures – Deadline: 25th May 2018

‘Official’ GDPR figures – Deadline: 25th May 2018

Are you ready for the GDPR compliance deadline on the 25th of May 2018?

If not, speak to us today to see if we can help. While you’re there, check out our interesting Privacy Policy 😉

Let’s stay together

You may have also received an email from us asking you to Confirm Subscription to our newsletters.

the law is changing

…and we want to keep you in control of how we stay in touch.

You may have heard about GDPR, which comes into effect 25th May 2018. To help comply with GDPR consent requirements, we need you to confirm that you would still like to hear from us. If you do not confirm using the button in the email, we will have to treat this as an ‘opt-out’ from Classic Lines’ records.

Let's stay together - GDPR - Classic Lines Design

Netflix is now using YOUR viewing habits to personalise the graphic design it shows you

Netflix is now using YOUR viewing habits to personalise the graphic design it shows you

You’ve heard of ‘feedback loops’ and ‘echo chambers.’

These are situations where Facebook / Google hold so much of your data and know so much about you, that they know exactly what adverts and messages to target you with. So the more your interact (like / share) with a certain product, brand or organisation, the more information relating to these you’ll see in your feeds.

These clever algorithms are often used in elections, and to promote political propaganda. Which it has been said, has made people more extreme (or at least more stubborn) in their views. …Most notably in yesterday’s Cambridge Analytica revelations.

But for the responsible marketeer, there are less underhand advantages of this habit-tracking technology.

Netflix, for example; has started using their customers’ past viewing habits to target them with specific the graphic design and cover art.

Like all streaming services, Netflix keeps records of what you watch (and how you watch it) and will now cleverly adapt the graphic design of its suggestions to display similar films and shows.

As a simple example: If you have recently watched Grease, Netflix will generate a Pulp Fiction poster featuring John Travolta. Whereas if you have been watching Kill Bill, you’ll be targeted with Pulp Fiction’s artwork featuring Uma Thurman.

It’s one big step beyond “Recommended for you” or “Customers also brought..”

So what’s the lesson here?

Whether you’re blogging, posting a social media update, speaking at an event, or sending out en email campaign: You should always target your audience specifically.

Contact Classic Lines Design to see how we can customise your brand‘s message. This may be through personalising marketing literature, or filtering your Social Media posts to target only users with certain interests and preferences.

Do I need an SSL Certificate for my website?

Do I need an SSL Certificate for my website?

You may have noticed a green padlock symbol (or a warning about the lack of!) in some websites’ address bars…

Websites with the secure, green padlock symbol have been marked by your browser as ‘secure‘ because they contain an SSL certificate.

What is an SSL Certificate, and why do I need one?

  • Our SSL Certificates provide secure https:// browsing,
  • Browser padlock: Visitors will see the universally-recognised padlock in their browser bar, showing that they are viewing a site over a secure connection,
  • Rank higher in Google: Google favours secure sites, so installing an SSL can help improve your rankings, helping potential customers to discover your site,
  • Browser warnings: Web browsers, especially Google Chrome, let users know when a site isn’t secure. An SSL takes care of that, ensuring your website avoids browser warnings,
  • eCommerce: SSL is a must for eCommerce websites. If you’re taking payments on your website, SSL is non-negotiable.
  • The certificates utilise SHA-2 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit signing algorithm – the same type used by businesses and governments around the world to keep their data protected,
  • SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption.

It’s important to protect your brand:

  • Protect your customers,
  • Protect your company,
  • Protect your rankings.

Secure private information: An SSL certificate shows that you care about the safety of your customers. So new visitors will be comfortable to buy from you,

Boost conversion rates: By displaying a padlock in the browser window, you show visitors that you are a company that can be trusted,

Boost trust: We will install and configure your certificate, quickly and efficiently.

What’s more:

Google have announced that as of October 2017: Google Chrome will start marking HTTP pages (which contain forms) as “NOT SECURE.” In July 2018, Google will release version 68 of Chrome, that will mark every HTTP website as “NOT SECURE.”

For more information, take a look at what Wikipedia has to say, or download our SSL Certificates PDF.

Email Arran to discuss the SSL Certificate for your website.

Have you considered VPS / Dedicated Server Hosting?

Have you considered VPS / Dedicated Server Hosting?

The majority of our clients are on a shared hosting platform. This is where multiple websites are all hosted on the same Web Server. This is the most economical option for most non-corporations, as the overall cost is spread over many customers.

However, we do offer the option of Virtual Private Servers.

VPS give our clients:

  • Dedicated resources for superior performance: Our hosts build their Dedicated Servers on the very latest hardware; to ensure that you get the best possible performance and maximum reliability,
  • 99.99% uptime SLA: We’re so confident you’ll always be online: that we’ll provide you with compensation if you experience more than 0.01% downtime per month,
  • Superfast & reliable: Our host’s servers have a direct internet connection to major European exchanges > Ensuring a rapid and stable performance.


Our Hosting Provider is responsible for:

Server hardware, Power and network availability, Manual reboot availability and Control Panel license availability.

So all we need to worry about is:

All server software and performance, Configuring hosting and email settings, and securing your server. Also: Network configuration and Installation, third-party modules and plug-ins.

Server specification

  • Intel Xeon E5-2420 x 2
  • Up to128GB RAM
  • Hardware of up to 4 x 1TB SATA RAID 1
  • Up to 1 Gbit/s Bandwidth.

Contact Classic Lines Design to see if your website requires VPS.

Does your email inbox keep becoming full?

Does your email inbox keep becoming full?

Does your mailbox keep filling up?

If so, follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure your settings are configured properly: Ensure that you chose ‘IMAP’ in your original email account setup.
  2. If there is an option to ‘remove emails from server, when deleted’ (or similar) …then TICK that. If not: skip this step.
  3. People organise their Inbox into folders. While this is good housekeeping, it will not free up space in your mailbox. You’ll need to move / drag your emails in to folders on your desktop, (this will back-up your emails to your computer) …then delete them from Outlook / Mail / Livemail.
  4. Remember to delete your Junk, and Deleted Items regularly,
  5. Speak to us about *Premium Mailboxes. **We can upgrade you from 1GB, to 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10GB.

* Our prices are per mailbox (email account) and per year.
** Even if you upgrade, you’ll need need to do points 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Do you find yourself asking:

“Why do my emails keep becoming full?”

“Why does my inbox keep filling up?”

 “How come my mailbox keeps filling up?”

“Why does my inbox keep becoming full?”

“Why do my emails keep filling up?”

 “Why is my mailbox always full?”

“How come my inbox keeps becoming full?”

^ So if any if these questions sound like you, take a look at our full email configuration details.