Make sure your Social Media graphics give the best reflection of your brand

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So your business has invested in some nicely-branded vehicle graphics for your fleet, polo shirts for the workforce, and a flashing sign for the office…

Hopefully all this branding carries a consistent message and shows your company in its best light. One mistake businesses often make, is not carrying these high standards through their Social Media profiles.

Whether you use:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

…or any combination of the above:

Make sure you are not using low-resolution, out of proportion images for your social media profiles. This includes your profile images and cover photos. It’s also worth noting that Social Networks constantly update their guidelines; so what may have looked crisp and shiny last year, may look squashed and pixelated now.

Not only should your logo be in line with your brand, but your typography, colour palette, even the written (and visual) language of your posts should be consistent. Check out these fantastic Twitter header examples for inspiration.

Take a look at the Twitter graphics we designed for Business Partnership; or speak to Classic Lines Design about designing your Social Media graphics.

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