Netflix is now using YOUR viewing habits to personalise the graphic design it shows you

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You’ve heard of ‘feedback loops’ and ‘echo chambers.’

These are situations where Facebook / Google hold so much of your data and know so much about you, that they know exactly what adverts and messages to target you with. So the more your interact (like / share) with a certain product, brand or organisation, the more information relating to these you’ll see in your feeds.

These clever algorithms are often used in elections, and to promote political propaganda. Which it has been said, has made people more extreme (or at least more stubborn) in their views. …Most notably in yesterday’s Cambridge Analytica revelations.

But for the responsible marketeer, there are less underhand advantages of this habit-tracking technology.

Netflix, for example; has started using their customers’ past viewing habits to target them with specific the graphic design and cover art.

Like all streaming services, Netflix keeps records of what you watch (and how you watch it) and will now cleverly adapt the graphic design of its suggestions to display similar films and shows.

As a simple example: If you have recently watched Grease, Netflix will generate a Pulp Fiction poster featuring John Travolta. Whereas if you have been watching Kill Bill, you’ll be targeted with Pulp Fiction’s artwork featuring Uma Thurman.

It’s one big step beyond “Recommended for you” or “Customers also brought..”

So what’s the lesson here?

Whether you’re blogging, posting a social media update, speaking at an event, or sending out en email campaign: You should always target your audience specifically.

Contact Classic Lines Design to see how we can customise your brand‘s message. This may be through personalising marketing literature, or filtering your Social Media posts to target only users with certain interests and preferences.

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